Jul 06 2012

Community education to be offered

July 4, 2012

AMHERST – Pet owners are hungry for knowledge about animal care. The Amherst Veterinary Hospital is taking steps this summer to help. Free seminars will be offered by the hospital starting July 18th.  The first seminar will focus on ear cleaning and nail trimming.

“Education is a critical part of good animal care”’ says Dr. Tanya Sparling, the new owner of the Amherst Veterinary Hospital.  The previous owner, Dr. Boyd Taylor, served the people and animals of Cumberland and Westmorland counties for 36 years.

The first seminar will focus on teaching people the importance of nail trims and ear cleaning, how to do them and what may indicate a medical problem.  Dr. Sparling said they are simple tasks that most people can do on their own with a little bit of instruction.

“Many people feel intimidated by trimming nails, but with some instruction they can usually handle the task,” said Dr. Sparling.

All attendees will enjoy some light refreshments and the first 10 registrants will receive a coupon for  a free nail trim at the clinic – a further opportunity for instruction with a $20 value.  More seminars are in the works – including the importance of vaccinations; dental care and holiday hazards.  Dr. Sparling would welcome suggestions from the public for seminar topics.

We encourage you to call reserve your space today! (902) 667-8405